Golden Visa

Are you Eligible for the 10-Year Golden Visa?

The long-term residence visa allows residency for ten years (golden visa) or five (silver visa) instead of the standard two-year residence visa. In addition, the new system will enable foreigners to study, work and live in the UAE without requiring a national sponsor and 100% ownership of their business on the UAE’s mainland.

Golden Visa Categories

Visa Type Speciality
Investors Public investments / Real Estate Investor
Entrepreneur Owner and founder of a project
Outstanding students High school students University students
Specialized talents and researchers Creatives individuals (Art and Culture) / Specialists in the fields of Engineering and Science / Doctors / Scientists / Inventors / Athletes / Ph.D. Holders / Engineers / Coders / Humanitarian Aid Workers

Eligibility for a Golden Visa (10-year)

The categories listed below are eligible to apply for a 10-year golden visa in the UAE.

Investors in public investments

The investment could take many different forms, such as:

  • A deposit of a minimum of AED 10 million in a domestic investment fund
  • Establishing a company with a minimum capital of AED 10 million in the UAE.
  • Having a total investment of at least AED 10 million in all designated sectors, on a condition that the investment in non-real estate sectors should not be less than 60% of the total investment.


For a visa to be issued, the following conditions must be met:

  • The amount invested must not be loaned.
  • The investment should be retained for a minimum of three years
  • AED 10 million in financial solvency is needed

Who Can Get a Golden Visa?

The complete list of individuals that are eligible to apply for a Golden Visa

  • Medical Doctors – All doctors licensed by the UAE health regulatory bodies are eligible for the golden visa. Doctors can apply for a golden visa between July 2021 to September 2022.
  • Inventors – To apply for a 10-year golden visa in the United Arab Emirates, inventors must obtain a valuable patent contributing to the UAE’s economy.
  • Artists – Golden Visa is available to people who work in culture and art. Individuals in the cultural and creative areas must be accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development.
  • Highly Qualified Individuals – Highly talented individuals with a GPA of 3.8 or higher from accredited universities are eligible for a golden visa in the UAE.
  • Specialized Degree Holders – The golden visa is also open to professionals with specialized degrees in artificial intelligence, big data, and epidemiology.
  • Engineers – Engineers from various fields can also apply for a 10-year visa. They are as follows:
    • Computer Engineer
    • Electronic Engineer
    • Programming Engineer
    • Electrical Engineer
    • Biotechnology Engineer
  • Outstanding Students– This includes students with a minimum grade of 95% in High School
  • Investors– The golden visa is available to foreign investors (Investors in public investments) who have invested Dh10 million or more.
  • Researchers/Scientists: This category contains scientists and researchers who are experts in their fields.
  • Executive Directors: The 10-year Golden Visa is available to executive directors who have a certified degree from the university, a minimum salary of AED 50,000, and a minimum of 5 years of work experience
  • Coders– UAE grants ten years of Golden Visas to 100000 coders, open to both UAE residents and non-residents. Distinguished experts and talents who have achieved success in various coding fields; individuals who work for pioneering International Technological Companies; and graduates of
    • Software engineering
    • Hardware engineering
    • Electrical engineering
    • Computer sciences
    • Big data
    • Information technology
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Data science.
  • Humanitarian Aid Workers- Charity and humanitarian aid workers in the UAE can now apply for the UAE Golden Visa.

Significant Expansion of the New Visa Scheme

The significant expansion of the Golden Visa scheme, the introduction of the five-year Green residency, the introduction of a multiple-entry tourist visa, and the introduction of entry permits for job search are just some of the many residency reforms that will take effect next month. In addition, the UAE has introduced a series of new visas and entry permits as part of its most significant immigration and residency reforms.

As a result of the new system, expatriates and visitors to the UAE will benefit significantly. Moreover, the UAE will become even more attractive to foreign investors and high-net-worth individuals looking to establish a long-term presence there.

After 90 days from the publication of these new executive regulations in the Official Gazette, all these new executive regulations related to entry and residence laws will take effect. Listed below are the visas that were announced in April. A number of them will take effect starting next month, while some have already been implemented:

Significant amendments have been made to the Golden Visa scheme to simplify eligibility criteria and expand the categories. As a result, investors, scientists, outstanding academicians, frontline workers, and entrepreneurs are eligible for this long-term 10-year visa.

According to the amendmentsGolden Visa holders can sponsor their family members, including children and spouses, regardless of age, and sponsor support services (domestic help) without restrictions. In addition, the Golden Residency is not restricted in terms of the duration of stay outside the UAE.

The UAE provides benefits for family members, including the ability to remain in the country after the death of the primary holder of a UAE Golden Visa until the permit’s expiration.

As per the UAE Cabinet, the criteria for Golden Visa UAE eligibility have been expanded to include the following:

  1. Golden Visa for scientists

According to the Emirates Scientists Council recommendations, this residence is offered to scientists and researchers with high achievement and influence. Graduates from the top universities in engineering, technology, life sciences, and natural sciences should hold a Ph.D. or master’s degree, and substantial research achievements should be available.

  1. Golden Visa for exceptional talents

Talented individuals in the required fields may be granted this visa. It is based solely on skill, regardless of an individual’s educational background, employment status, monthly salary, or professional level.

It includes individuals with talent in culture, sport, design, digital technology, invention, and other vital fields and requires the recommendation or approval of a federal or local government entity.

  • Athletes

It is necessary to obtain a recommendation letter from one of the Sports Councils or the General Sports Authority for persons excelling in different sports activities to apply for a UAE Golden Visa.

  • Holders of Doctoral degrees

Those with doctoral degrees and a valid work contract in their current profession must provide a certified copy of their Ph.D. from the Ministry of Education.

  • Doctors

It is a broad field with many specializations. The government portal offers a wide range of license options. This umbrella includes veterinary doctors. It is mandatory to have a letter from the Health Authority or Ministry of Health of the country stating the doctor’s medical practice.

  • Inventors

The Ministry of Economy must verify patents as adding value to the country’s economy, which is the mandatory document for inventors.

  • Executive Directors

It is deemed eligible to apply through this category for professionals with top company positions such as General Managers, CFOs, Executive Directors, CEOs, Chairman of the Board of Directors, or any position in which you can produce a salary certificate of AED 50,000 & that you have held that position for no less than five years.

  • Specialists in Engineering & Science

The following specializations require attested bachelor’s degrees and a valid work contract mentioning the specialization: Epidemiology and Virology, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Genetic Engineering, and Biotechnology Engineering.

  • Dubai Cultural Visa

The ministry recently introduced a long-term cultural visa, offering creative talents a 10-year residency, a first of its kind in the world. It covers the following cultural and creative sectors: music, fine arts, photography, film and video production, video game development, fashion, graphic design, product design, landscape design, architectural services, advertising services, and information technology and software services.

  1. Golden Visa for professionals

A growing demand exists for highly trained professionals with knowledge and expertise in various disciplines, including medicine, science and engineering, information technology, business and management, education, law, and culture. A valid contract of employment in the UAE is required for applicants. Furthermore, per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization classification, they should be classified in the first or second level under ISCO by the International Labour Organization. In addition, they must have a monthly salary of less than Dhs30,000 and a minimum educational background.

  1. Golden Visa for real estate investors

Investors can obtain a Golden Visa if they purchase a minimum of Dhs2 million property.

  1. Golden Visa for real estate investors

As a result of the new amendments, investors can now purchase property loans from specific local banks to qualify for the Golden Visa. In addition, Golden Residency is also available to investors buying one or more off-plan properties from authorized local real estate companies for a minimum of Dhs2 million.

  1. Golden Visa for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are eligible for the Golden Visa if they meet flexible requirements set by executive regulations. As the minimum requirement, Startups in the SME category must be registered in the country and have annual revenue of at least Dhs1 million.

Furthermore, the startup idea must be approved by an official business incubator, the Ministry of Economy or the relevant local authorities to qualify for a Golden Visa.

A person can also be eligible for the Golden Visa if they are a founder (or one of the founders) of an entrepreneurial project that sold for not less than Dhs7 million. In addition, the Ministry must approve any project or idea of the Economy or the relevant local authority.

  1. Golden Visa for outstanding students and graduates

The visa is intended for high-achieving secondary school students and exceptional graduates from UAE universities and top 100 universities worldwide based on specific criteria, including academic performance, year of graduation, and university classification.

  1. Golden Visa for Humanitarian Pioneers

A distinguished member of an international and regional organization, an outstanding member of an association of public benefit, recipients of recognized awards in humanitarian fields, or distinguished volunteers and sponsors of humanitarian efforts can apply for the newly amended golden visa.

  1. Golden Visa for Frontline Workers

A Golden Visa may also be granted to frontline workers who have demonstrated extraordinary efforts in crises like the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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